Best Paper Awards

The Best Paper award winners are:

  • “Equal Pay for Similar Work” authored by Diego Gentile, Fuhito Kojima, and Bobby Pakzad-Hurson.

Best Student Paper Award:

  • “30 Million Canvas Records Reveal Widespread Sequential Bias and System-design Induced Surname Initial Disparity in Grading” authored by Jiaxin Pei, Zhihan Wang, and Jun Li.

New Horizons Award:

  • “Common Voice and Accent Choice” authored by Kathy Reid and Elizabeth T. Williams.

New Horizons Honorable Mention:

  • “A Critique of the 2021 National Institute of Justice Recidivism Forecasting Challenge” authored by Tobi Jegede, Marissa Gerchick, Amreeta Mathai, and Aaron Horowitz.

Theory Track Paper Award:

  • “Design on Matroids: Diversity vs. Meritocracy” by Isa Hafalir, Fuhito Kojima, M. Bumin Yenmez, and Koji Yokote.

AI Track Paper Award:

  • “Setting the Right Expectations: Algorithmic Recourse Over Time” authored by Joao Fonesca, Andrew Bell, Carlo Abrate, Francesco Bonchi, and Julia Stoyanovich.