Faculty Network Event

The EAAMO community aims to bridge the gap between research and practitioners by fostering meaningful collaborations between academics, nonprofit organizations, and policy-makers. Through the Faculty Network, we aim to create a community that advances our goals:

  • recruit a diverse group of students interested in this work,
  • synergistically advance both basic research and translational work, and
  • find researcher and practitioner collaborators.

Having that in mind, the goal of the Faculty Network event is to meet, discuss, and share best practices for such challenges.

Over the past year, Faculty Network chairs have been working on this goals. At EAAMO'23, we aim to get together as a community and collectively unravel the best strategies to surmount these shared obstacles.

More information about the Faculty Network event at EAAMO'23 will be available at this page.

Co-chairs: Faidra Monachou (Harvard University), Nikhil Garg (Cornell Tech)